What We Do

We develop and deliver both the software and the hardware necessary
to create
a new era of trust
and accountability

for the pension

fund industry.

Blockchain Innovation

We believe the blockchain can and will accomplish the following:
  • Usher in a new era of trust and integrity throughout the hedge fund industry
    for the benefit of pension funds.
  • Advance fresh applications that will further promote innovation.
  • Increase the efficiency, security, and transparency
    of hedge
    fund managers.

Client-First Approach

We offer pension funds a truly integrated blockchain solution

to hedge fund fraud. While each investor is unique, standards

of excellence are universal. Our team
of blockchain technologists, engineers, and financial industry veterans deliver game-changing technology that provides seamless implementation
and exceptional customer service.

Software Development and Implementation

Our software development methods emphasize rapid prototyping, continuous testing and review,

and tight collaboration between developers.
We rely upon our preferred systems integrators
to integrate ComplianceGuard into
our clients’

existing infrastructure.