What Does ComplianceGuard Do?

ComplianceGuard’s blockchain technology helps protect pensioners from the Bernie Madoffs
of the world
by eliminating the potential for nearly all forms of fraud and abuse. CG Blockchain, Inc.
is a New York
non-profit corporation that donates 100% of its profits
to victims
of Hedge Fund Fraud.

    Doesn’t Compliance Legislation Already Protect the Public?

    It is true that an entire regulatory regime has been developed

    in the wake of the Bernie Madoff scandal. Nonetheless, fraud and abuse remain a problem

    for the financial industry.
    Despite the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act in 2010, problems remain.
    If the issue of financial fraud was resolved
    in 2010, then dozens
    of hedge funds would not have imploded
    since then.
    The truth is that there is no financially viable way
    to solve
    the problem of hedge fund fraud with the technologies that
    are currently available. That is, until now. ComplianceGuard changes the game entirely.

    A New Technology
    to the Root

    of the Problem

    The reason the issue of fraud has not been solved

    by regulation
    is that regulation simply increases the amount
    of unverified compliance data hedge funds produce. But unethical firms can always manufacture compliance data. Requiring them to produce more unverified data simply complicates

    the problem.
    A second reason regulation has
    not solved the problem
    of fraud
    is that compliance alerts remain inside

    the hedge fund, so there
    is no external accountability.
    ComplianceGuard solves both
    of these problems and thereby protects pensioners in ways that have not been possible before.

    It’s revolutionary blockchain technology makes
    it possible to have
    a time-stamped, incorruptible ledger that maintains verifiable compliance data.
    When a firm using ComplianceGuard triggers
    a compliance-exception alert,
    a notification will be sent to an external compliance monitoring authority who can examine
    the situation promptly.


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