Investing Involves Risk Beyond
Financial Loss

When pension fund managers become attached
to hedge funds that implode,
they face a host

of uncomfortable questions about their competence
or moral fiber.
ComplianceGuard protects pension funds and investors by eliminating the possibility
of data tampering and fraud, both of which can result
in serious reputational damage.

Reputational Capital

Reputation is a fragile asset that is as much
about perception
as fact. Even
the allegation
of wrongdoing can be hugely detrimental because by the time a fund is cleared of the accusation reputations have already been damaged.

How Investors Try
to Mitigate Risk

To mitigate risk, pension funds
and investors have adopted

a number of tools, including operational due diligence practices, separately managed account structures,

and financial audits. Unfortunately, malfeasance continues despite

such measures.

Risk of Fraud

Since the financial crisis, the SEC has increased enforcement actions and levied greater fines against hedge fund managers
for compliance violations. Nevertheless, pension funds remain vulnerable to hedge fund fraud.

No conventional tool adequately protects pension funds against reputational damage caused by fraud. Until now. ComplianceGuard changes that.

ComplianceGuard’s transaction and compliance monitoring provides the verifiable data necessary

to help an auditor determine if hedge fund managers or their employees have breached
regulatory standards.

With tamper-proof transaction and compliance logs, there
is no chance that managers can alter data after the fact. This will
a great deterrent for nearly
all forms of fraud.

Protecting investors
one transaction
at a time

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