ComplianceGuardTM Solutions

Our blockchain technology application will verify all parties
and records, authenticate
all fund transactions, and produce permanent data trails that cannot
be altered.

and verifiable

A major shift from the current model

Pension fund investors need tools and resources that can truly protect their investments. Despite the rise of regulatory requirements and the increase
in SEC actions and penalties, hedge funds continue to violate compliance standards.
Conventional audits reconcile accounts at a given point in time, but they do not provide an ongoing reconciliation of accounts, leaving large gaps of time between audits. This creates significant opportunities for waste, fraud
and abuse.
ComplianceGuard ushers in a new era of transparency within the hedge fund industry and prevents damage to pension funds by maintaining verifiable transaction and compliance data.

Real-Time Data

As soon as a transaction enters
the blockchain,
it is instantly

time-stamped and authenticated.

Encrypted, Secure
and Incorruptible

Transaction and compliance data

is encrypted and unalterable.

Share Data Safely

ComplianceGuard will sort and connect data streams. It will give clients the ability to share data with third parties without compromising
sensitive information.

Engender Trust

ComplianceGuard's unalterable blockchain transaction trails will help maintain trust between hedge fund managers and pension fund managers, investors,
and regulators.