is designed to deliver security to pension
fund investors.

ComplianceGuard gives pension fund investors the tools they need
to ensure that hedge fund managers cannot alter transaction
or compliance data.

In an environment of increased regulation and heightened scrutiny, pension fund investors need verifiable and accurate transaction
and compliance data from
the hedge funds they
invest in.

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Transaction Log

Real-time recording of hedge fund transactions

are encrypted onto
a private blockchain.

Transaction Data

Our blockchain technology will verify all parties, record

and authenticate all transactions,

and produce data trails that cannot be altered.

Permanently Records
Hedge Fund
Compliance Data

Monitors Hedge Fund Compliance in Real-Time

The CG Blockchain platform will permanently record hedge fund compliance alerts onto
the blockchain. This gives pension fund investors, regulators, and auditors verified compliance data.
Reducing Reputational Risk


When pension fund managers become attached to hedge funds that engage

in wrongdoing, the result
is serious reputational damage. ComplianceGuard combines

an unalterable blockchain transaction trail with ongoing compliance monitoring
to decrease the risk of hedge fund fraud and protect the reputations
of pension
fund managers.

ComplianceGuardTM Features



CG Blockchain technology will create

a permanent record of all hedge fund transactional activity, radically

simplifying auditability.
Compliance Monitoring

ComplianceGuard will provide ongoing compliance monitoring of all transactions
and compliance alerts and will record that data onto the blockchain.

CG Blockchain will ensure fluid integration with existing technology platforms and processes, guaranteeing
a seamless transition without any disruption
to daily operations.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to increase hedge fund accountability

and transparency, delivering security to pension
investors through

blockchain technology.

Core Values

Our company culture is defined

by creativity, innovation,
and intellectual risk taking. Our people and clients come first.
We are firmly committed
to the highest ethical standards

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