The most important thing
to understand about
a blockchain is that it
is a record of digital events that, once entered, can never be altered.

Because of this, the blockchain contains
a certain and verifiable record of every single transaction ever made
on it.

Blockchain Technology is at the Core
of our Platform

Blocks of Data

Each block is a unit
of information
that records some or all of a transaction securely onto

the blockchain.
Linked in a Chain

The data block is linked in a sequential chain to all previous blocks. Together, these blocks of data provide an unalterable chain that is both secure and verifiable.

and Encrypted

Each transaction is time-stamped

and encrypted so that it cannot

be changed

at a later date.

How ComplianceGuardTM Works

ComplianceGuard records a hedge fund’s transaction and compliance data onto
a private blockchain. When a transaction does not meet with compliance standards, a notification is sent to a compliance monitoring authority. This provides new layers of reliability for assuring pension fund managers and investors that regulatory mandates are being followed exactly.
The CG Blockchain platform will monitor transactions for compliance violations
in real-time and record all compliance alerts. An auditing specialist can then use the authenticated data to perform a regulatory compliance audit.

Tamper-Proof Transaction Record

ComplianceGuard ensures a secure, encrypted, and unalterable transaction record.

Why Blockchain Matters

No matter what we do online,
we trust people to tell
us the truth — whether it’s a bank giving

a statement balance or an email service provider telling us that our message was delivered.
Unfortunately, there is always a risk that a provider of information can lie, can be wrong, or, can
be hacked. This is why Internet security is such an acute challenge today. Unfortunately, we are often forced to trust sources that can be manipulated or compromised — and we trust these sources with
our most precious personal data.
Blockchain technology can change all of this. By providing users with an unalterable record of transaction data, the blockchain creates a secure and authentic record of events.

ComplianceGuard’s Blockchain Solution




A New Era of Reliability and Trust

Our blockchain technology assures pension funds, investors, regulators, and auditors that all a fund’s transactions are fully documented in a way that cannot be altered.
The ongoing compliance monitoring of hedge funds,
based on verified data, will protect pension fund assets
from unscrupulous actors.
Exceptional Customer Support

We provide around the clock technical support and troubleshooting, maximizing efficiency and minimizing
down time.


Together with our implementation partners,

we ensure that each customer integration

is smooth
and seamless.

Technical Material


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Frequently Asked Questions

The concept of a blockchain was introduced in 2008 in a paper entitled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, authored under the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Following that paper, the first use of a blockchain was in early 2009, with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Despite the controversy surrounding cryptocurrencies themselves, the blockchain technology underlying digital currencies has been widely regarded for its applications in numerous fields.